New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney Provides Aggressive Representation

stephenIf you have been arrested for a crime, your first priority should be to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. The Sixth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees that every person has the right to be represented by a qualified attorney. The Supreme Court mandated in Miranda v. Arizona that anyone who cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided free of charge by the court. This is a fundamental right of the American justice system.

Personally if I am arrested and in danger of losing my freedom, I prefer to hire this criminal lawyer in New Orleans who is highly experienced with an outstanding reputation for aggressively representing his clients successfully. The major objective of this highly respected attorney is to prevent innocent people from going to prison. He scrutinizes all aspects of the case to ensure that due process of the law is followed, safeguarding Constitutional protections.

Criminal cases can be complicated and generally go to trial. Also, the results can have life-altering consequences. Crimes must be proved “beyond a reasonable doubt”. Often, this attorney will spend endless hours preparing a strong case to defend his clients against the charges. The entire process can be a devastating  experience to go through.  The cost for the services of this outstanding attorney is a small price for your freedom. For more information, visit Stephen Hebert.